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Responsible Care commitment

Responsible Care
Responsible Care

Haanpaa Group declares its support to the ECTA Responsible Care Core Principles to:

1.  Continuously improve the environmental, health and safety performance of our transport operations of
     chemical goods so as to avoid harm to people and the environment.

2.  Ensure that proper care is taken to protect the safety and health of all people involved in our chemical 
     transport operations.

3.  Minimize the environmental impact of our transport activities.

4.  Use resources and fuel efficiently and minimize waste.

5.  Take adequate measures to ensure the security of our operations.

6.  Collect data and report openly on our performance, achievements and shortcomings.

7.  Listen, engage and work with people to understand and address their concerns and expectations.

8.  Cooperate with governments, international institutions, organizations and authorities in the development
     and implementation of effective regulations and standards to improve transport safety.

9.  Encourage the responsible management of all those who are involved in providing a service to us, in
     particular transport sub-contractors and cleaning stations.

And we fully commit to the ECTA Responsible Care Program to:

•   Continuously improve the environmental, health and safety performance of our company.
•   Champion and facilitate the appropriate extension of Responsible Care across the business value chain.
•   Address stakeholder expectations in the continuing development of Responsible Care.
•   Advance sustainable development.


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