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Haanpaa Traffic Safety Policy

Traffic Safety Policy

With the clearly outspoken target to create a safer road and work environment, the management of Haanpaa Group has established this policy.

  • The routes and assignments must be planned and scheduled to enable the drivers to comply with speed limits as well as other laws and traffic regulations. In addition the Company's target on max speed is to enhance fuel efficiency.
  • The drivers must obey applicable regulations regarding working hours, driving periods and have the mandatory resting times.
  • All drivers must always use seat belts.
  • The drivers must start their new driving periods well rested and well nourished.
  • All use of alcohol or illegal drugs during working periods is strictly prohibited.
  • In transport planning the choice of appropriate routes has to be taken into account -  approved and recommended routes for hazardous cargoes and road restrictions for vehicle weight.
  • The drivers must follow Defensive Driving principles as instructed in the driver training and they have to pay attention to the traffic and weather conditions.
  • In winter driving the drivers must pay special attention to the road conditions. Whenever obvious safety risks appear the journey has to be interrupted.
  • The drivers must avoid driving on road verges.
  • According to the law, the use of hands-free equipment with mobile phone is mandatory.
  • Country specific regulations must be obeyed as well as customer specific requests for traffic and operations must be respected.

The management is responsible to make sure that we only appropriate, legal and safe equipment are used.

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