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Haanpaa Group services most of the leading chemicals, oil & fuel and pulp & paper industry companies in Northern Europe. Our customers are demanding superior quality, reliable on-time deliveries and no-compromises attitude in environmental, safety and security matters. Haanpaa supports its customers in all logistics challenges and constantly seek new, alternative ways to create value. Haanpaa is geared towards creating strong relations and partnerships with its customers. Haanpaa has more than 400 different customers globally.                                                    

Supply Chain                                                                                

Haanpaa Group has more than 300 trucks (indl. subcontractors) and almost 300 Intermodal containers end of 2015 in operation around the Baltic Sea, across continental Europe and Russia. This equals for more than 4 million tons per annum transportation. We deliver both hazardous and non-hazardous liquid chemicals and gases of various nature. The fleet is especially designed to meet the most stringent demands of chemicals transportation and  secure all the environemental and safety requlations.

The company posseses ISO and SQAS (CEFIC) certifications and GMP+ (Good Manufacturing Practice) permits. In addition to multi-modal transportation services Haanpaa services a number of large corporations with value -added logistics services, e.g. consignment stock management, warehouse operations and forwarding and customs services.   


Haanpaa employs some 400 professionals in the countries it operates. In addition to this Haanpaa employs a large number of subcontractor transportation partners that complement Haanpaa's own distribution network.


Haanpaa Group's sales was €98 million in 2015. Measured by sales and a market share of approximately 20%, Haanpaa Group is the leading liquid chemical logistics provider in the Nordic Countries. The Haanpaa Group is dedicated to continue to grow in the geographical areas where we operate and in selected 3PL solutions in the area of liquid chemicals logistics.

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