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Sweden, Norway and Denmark

Customer who have their primary chemical transport need in the Scandinavian countries are serviced from our Helsingborg office.

This business consists mostly of regular and continous transports between chemical producers and their customers. We conduct the transports with Road tankers and Intermodal containers depending on the need of the specific business.

A special area where we have a great success is in distribution of lubricants to mechanic shops and factories. An important part of this business is the possibility of storing lubricants in our Liquid Center in Gothenburg, and then conducting multi-stop distribution rounds all around Scandinavia.

To learn more about our Scandinavian transports, please contact;

Jan Törner, chemical road transports in Scandinavia, phone +46 42 20 92 23.
Sven-Åke Sleth, lubricant distribution traffic and ware housing Gothenburg , phone +46 42 20 92 22.
Christer Grahn, distribution services, phone +46 42 20 92 20.
Daniel Hauffe, road tanker traffic between Sweden and destinations across Europe and Overseas,             phone +31 63 1674 447 .

For email, please take firstname.lastname(at)   


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