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Haanpaa Group

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corporate milestones


1949   Jussi Haanpää acquires timber truck and start business
1968   First tank truck acquired for Kesoil fuel transportation
1969   Transportation of mineral wool is started for Parainen and brewery transportation is terminated


1971   Transportation to continental Europe is started
1976   Acquisition of Haulier Eino Herva (3 trucks)
1976   Name of Haulier Jussi Haanpää changed to Jussi Haanpää Ky.
1978   Acquisition of Haulier Kataja
1981   Veljekset Haanpää Oy is founded to manage intenational traffic
1986   Haanpää Kuljetus Oy is founded to manage domestic transportation
1986   Acquisition of Haulier Rinnekangas & Kumppanit
1986   Haanpää Yhtymä Oy is founded
1986   Jussi Haanpää Ky. changed into maintenance company
1989   Acquisition of Haulier P. Iso-Pahkala Ky. and its renaming to Haanpää Säiliöliikenne Oy


1990   Naantalin Säiliöliikenne Oy is founded with Mikko Laaksonen
1991   Acquisition of Haulier Veljekset Järvikallio and its renaming to Suolahden Kuljetus Oy
1991   Acquistion of Haulier J. Pikkarainen from Pattijoki and renaming it to Kymen Säiliöautoliikenne Oy
1992   Redemption of shares from external party of Naantalin Säiliöliikenne Oy
1996   Acquisition of Haulier Åkeri Rune Johanansson in Sweden
1996   Haanpää Yhtymä GmbH was founded and joining TANKCEU
1997   Haanpää Oü in Estonia is founded
1999   Acquisition of ADR-Transport AB in Sweden
1999   ADR-Haanpää Oy (Group) is founded
2000   Acquisition of Sinkko Group in Lappeenranta
2000   Acquisition of Veli Nikkilä Oy in Valkeakoski
2001   Acquisition of Haulier Haapa Oy in Kemi
2001   Acquisition of LB-Trans AB in Sweden
2002   Consolidation of ADR-Haanpää Group for simplified Group structure
2004   Acquisition of Viinikka Oy from Finland
2005   Exit of EQT Partners and Pamplona Capital Management becoming majority owner
2006   Establishing subsidiary in St. Petersburg, Russia
2007   ALMC becoming as minority shareholder
2008   Establishing a branch in Moscow, Russia
2008   Major restructuring of the Group and re-organization
2008   Acquisition of Eurotank AB administration Sweden to strengthen continental European business
2008   Re-naming the company under Haanpaa – Liquid Logistics brand


2012   Establishing a subsidiary in the Netherlands
2014   ALMC completes the majority shareholder position
2014   Acquisition of Laukaan Rahtiautot Oy and ForLogistics Oy
2015   Anchorage Capital Group acquires the majority shareholder position
2016   Groupe Samat acquires the majority shareholder position

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