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Haanpaa Group

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Early Years

The founder of Haanpaa Group, Jussi Haanpää, bought his first truck in 1949 and started transporting timber, like so many others during those years in Finland.

From the early beginning Jussi was looking for ”natural” growth areas. In the late 1960’s, when the company already had several trucks in dry goods logistics, the first tank logistics truck was acquired. It was dedicated for the fuel distribution of Kesoil. Even some other liquids were transported, namely famous ”Toppilan Kuohu” beers in Oulu.

Focusing on Chemicals Logistics

Stronger focusing  on chemicals and especially classified chemicals transportation business was started in 1976. The growth took place by acquiring some domestic transportation companies that were serving the growing Finnish chemicals industry. During the early 1970’s transportation activity towards continental Europe was started. Sweden has always been considered as home turf. 

Domestic Growth

The company was geared to grow – chemicals industry was expanding rapidly in Finland at late late 1970’s and early 1980’s.  Several local competitors around Finland were acquired during the years 1978 -1992 and the company grew ”out from Oulu”. Besides the growth the company faced a number of structural changes during those years. The group was stepwise organized under  name Haanpää Yhtymä Oy that acted as a administrative holding to manage several operation all companies; Veljekset Haanpää Oy that was dedicated for international traffic, Haanpää Kuljetus Oy for domestic traffic and finally Jussi Haanpää Ky. was transformed into internal maintenance company. The group’s structure was simplified and structured for the next step – internationalization and expansion.

Internationalization and Expansion

Year 1996 was a start of a new era for Haanpaa Group. The internationalization of operations was started by acquiring a small-scale chemicals transportation  company, Åkeri Rune Johansson, in Sweden. Already before that a German subsidiary, Haanpää Yhtymä GmbH, had been established. The rational for this was the need to join the industry organization TANKCEU – only the companies that had affiliates in EU member states were allowed to become members.  Establishing the company in Estonia took place through a co-operation party and finally the company established its subsidiary, Haanpää Oü, in Estonia in late 1990’s.Haanpaa in Norway

The real break-trough in exapansion happened in 1999. ADR-Transport AB, the leading chemicals logistics company in Sweden was acquired.  This acquisition opened the door for Swedish, Norwegian and Danish chemicals transportation markets and paved the way for further intenationalization and expansion of the group.  ADR-Haanpää Group had seen the first rays of light and the company had grown into the leading Nordic chemicals logistics company. 

Re-structuring and Consolidation

Soon after, the current owners, the Haanpää family, started to look for a new ownership structure. The private equity fund, EQT Partners from the Netherlands, was interested in ADR-Haanpää’s further growth opportunities and became the majority owner of ADR-Haanpää Group with the Haanpää family still keeping controll of 1/3 of the company. For the first time in its history, the company was led by a person outside the founding Haanpää family.

The group´s strategy for company growth has been through acquiring successful competetive companies which was well suited in the ADR-Haanpää organization. In 2002 the company was re-organized under lean group structure with five operational  companies under ADR-Haanpää holding. In 2004 the company took another a significant step in its growth strategy. ADR-Haanpää Oy acquired Viinikka Oy, a Finnish liquid and dry bulk logistics company, merged their operations and created the largest chemicals logistics provider between Nordic Countries and Continental Europe.

The private equity investor, Pamplona Capital Management from UK, acquired the majority of the company from the EQT Partners, Haanpää family and senior management in 2005.

An asset management company ALMC h.f. acquired during 2009 - 2014 in several steps the majority of the shares in Haanpaa Group.

An investment advisor Anchorage Capital Group acquired in 2015 the majority of the shares in Haanpaa Group.

Groupe Samat acquired Haanpaa Group in 2016.

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