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Haanpaa Alcohol and Drug Policy

In Haanpaa Group we are committed to a safe and good working environment. No abuse of alcohol or illegal drugs may occur in the workplace. In case abuse is discovered the immediate action must be taken as specified below.

Our target is that all our working places must be free from alcohol and drugs. All managers in supervisory positions must have knowledge on how to detect and handle drug and alcohol abuse and act in accordance with the company's action plan on these issues.

Rules and Approach
All use of alcohol and drugs during working hours is strictly prohibited. Use of alcohol and drugs on leisure time must not affect the persons' work nor cause any absence or endanger safety at work or in traffic.

It is forbidden to carry, sell or give away alcohol or drugs on company's or clients' premises.

Alcohol should be used moderately if any for the entertainment, conferences, courses and meetings. Alcohol free alternatives must always be provided. With drugs we mean alcohol, drugs and other non medical preparations which affect the central nervous system. Company policy for intoxication is the same as with the law concerning driving.

The company is responsible to give an opportunity to rehabilitation for a staff member with addiction problems. The employee is required to contribute to his/her own rehabilitation.

HR Department, our health care service provider and the trade union will support and assist managers in issues of abuse and rehabilitation.

Drug Tests
The Company carries out drug tests when hiring new staff as well as random alcohol and drug tests in accordance to the agreements with Labour Unions.

Professional Secrecy
All issues concerning abuse of alcohol and drugs must be handled in strict confidence.

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