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Haanpaa Group

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Haanpaa operational company Policy

The main objective of Haanpaa Group is to act on the logistic market as a well respected, reliable and high quality operator with efforts to continuously improve its operations, services and customer satisfaction. Haanpaa Group collects the product from the supplier and delivers to the consignee according to agreed schedule, to the unloading place indicated by the consignee. No deliberate damage or loss of the product nor change of its quality is allowed. The transport equipment of Haanpaa Group is always kept technically in good condition. The entire personnel of Haanpaa Group are committed to maintain its skills with regular training as well as collaboration with the partners. The drivers' training of Haanpaa Group is accomplished inclusive Behaviour Based Safety Program.

Haanpaa Group actively promotes improvements in work environment and work safety issues with following actions:
Safety at Work
•    Internal disciplines, routines and safety regulations of Haanpaa  
     Group are appreciated in order to minimize risks for personnel
     or the property.
•    The objective of developing the working environment is to prevent
      the risks of illness as well as injuries.
•    At their daily work the personnel are expected to follow
     the  working routines and to report all potential risks regarding
     quality, safety and environmental issues.

Haanpaa will handle the customers' cargo in a secure way and also protect the integrity of the customers, cargo and security during transport.

Haanpaa Group is committed to continuously improve its processes and activities. Basis for offering and developing logistic services to our customers are to take into account the customers' requirements and existing physical resources. The objective of the company is to reduce and prevent the environmental pollution. Haanpaa Group operational model complies with the international quality and safety standards. All the activities in the company are in compliance with the laws and regulations. The company also follows all the customers' instructions and requirements.

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