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Haanpaa Group

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Haanpaa Group is the leading partner in liquid logistics for hazardous and non-hazardous chemical products in Northern Europe.

A fleet of multi-compartment and single-compartment tanks allow us to service our customers from multiple points and help them to optimize their total cost efficiency. We are a complete logistics service provider with tailor-made solutions based on customers' needs.

We operate mainly in the Nordic and the Baltic countries, but also in the rest of mainland Europe and Russia. Additionally it has started transportation routes to destinations far away across the world. The group's main customers are chemical companies in northern Europe and Russia.

With the support of modern communication technology, we have a high level of quality control. It is vital for us, and of course our customers, to ensure safe transport deliveries on time and in appliance with laws and regulations.

Haanpaa's strategy is to offer all parts of logistic services; transportation, storage, technical expertise, consulting and outsourcing all the way to the full supply chain management of liquid chemicals logistics. The company’s objective is to service its chosen customers with high quality, in a safe and environmentally sustainable way, and offer them logistic services that are cost-competitive and add value to customers' business.

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