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Haanpaa at your service

Haanpaa Group provides total logistic solutions to your liquid transportation needs. We have daily traffic within the Scandinavian countries, Finland, the Baltic states, Russia and the rest of mainland Europe. If you need transportation further away in the world, we can provide it with our own fleet of Road Tankers and Intermodal containers or together with our international  partners.




Haanpaa Group is the leading logistics company in the Nordic countries providing wide-spread logistic services in the field of liquid chemicals. Our customers operate in businesses such as Pulp & Paper, Fuels, Lubricants, Agricultures and many more.

Road tanker 

With special designed tank trucks and well educated drivers we transport your liquid products to your destination. You can trust that we guarantee full and no-compromise compliance with laws and regulations whereever we operate. Read more.




Intermodal solutions offers the possibility of combined transport liquids by truck, boat and train over long distances in an efficient way. Read more.


Liquid center 

At our Liquid Centers in Hamina, Finland, and Gothenburg, Sweden, we offer storing facilities. We also provide distribution service with level monitoring service.

 Read more.


 Tailor made

Whenever you have a logistic problem with your liquid transportation, Haanpaa is happy to help finding a solution that fit your needs! Read more




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