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Haaanpaa continues to grow and opens office in Moerdijk, The Netherlands

To improve the service, Haanpaa has decided to open a new office with competent and professional personnel in Moerdijk, Netherlands. Moerdijk is located between Rotterdam and Antwerp which is the gateway to the European chemical market where many of their customers and partners are located.

It was a natural decision and development for us to be present here”, says Vesa Itkonen, CEO of Haanpaa Group. “Many of our customers are located here and we have a lot of activities in this region which is heavily increasing since we started the intermodal business in 2010. Many of our road tankers and tank containers are passing through, loading and unloading in the Rotterdam and Antwerp region every day. Therefore it is very important that we are also locally represented to serve our customers and partners and manage our equipment and drivers”, Vesa continues.

The Managing Director of the new Dutch company, Haanpaa BV, is Pascalle Hendrick. Pascalle has a long experience in liquid logistics, especially the intermodal business from working with some of the leading logistic service providers in the chemical business.

Pascalle Hendrick and Vesa Itkonen- “We welcome Pascalle to Haanpaa Group and are very confident that she will serve our customers and partners, and develop the business very well in the Benelux region”, Vesa ends with a smile.

The new office is located at the Middenweg 6, NL-4782 PM Moerdijk.


Additional information:

Pascalle Hendrick, Managing Director Haanpaa BV, Phone +31 6553 75911
Vesa Itkonen, CEO Haanpaa Group, Phone +358 50 387 6387

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