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Haanpaa Oy rapidly renews Finnish transport fleet

Haanpaa Oy will make a major investment in its Finnish fleet. Over the next 24 months, the company, together with its subcontractors, will acquire around 8 million Euros worth of new trucks and tanks. In addition, the normal pace of investment will continue for other parts of the Haanpaa Group.

The majority of the new containers will be supplied by Nordic Tank Oy, but Haanpaa will acquire new trucks from several different manufacturers. All transport vehicles used exclusively within Finland’s borders must be renewed. When you consider the renewal interval for trucks is normally 6-7 years and about 15 years for the tanks, we will do it at a much faster pace, in just two years, Haanpaa CEO Vesa Itkonen says.

The new regulations announced by the Finnish government this June will significantly speed up the acquisition of new equipment. The statute comes into force on the first of October this year. The new regulation will allow larger and heavier transport vehicles and vehicle combinations, from 60 tons up to 68 - 76 tons depending on the substance classification.

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Vesa Itkonen
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