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Haanpaa expands further and invests in new modern tank containers


Haanpaa is rapidly expanding the intermodal activities between Mainland Europe and the Baltic Sea Region. As a result of the expansion Haanpaa is investing in new modern tank container fleet of different size and functionality manufactured in China and South Africa

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“The welcoming of our intermodal service on the market has been better than expected and our service to combine intermodal with road transportation as back-up has worked excellently”, Daniel says.

Daniel Hauffe is the General Manager of Haanpaa’s International business unit with offices in the Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Estonia, Russia and more to come. Haanpaa is at the time being looking for sales managers with experience of the chemical transportation in Germany, Poland, Russia and Lithuania.

“This is of course a pleasant situation for us but my colleagues have worked very hard to achieve this during the last 4 years we have been active on the intermodal market. Therefore we have now taken the next step in our growth plan and are investing in our own tank container fleet. Our plan is to own the majority of our fleet as we do in our road tanker division. This is a strength we believe in, but we will also continue to rent part of our container fleet to stay flexible in order to balance our peaks and needs”, he continues.

“Our customers will benefit from that we can offer state of the art tank containers with the newest possible technology on the market, such as light material, super isolation, active heating system, “track and trace” functionality etc. We offer one-compartment and multi-compartment tank containers from 5 cbm to 35 cbm with baffle plates in stainless steel or rubberized if needed. Haanpaa expects the benefits from its modern fleet since we are a new player on the intermodal market.”

“We buy what we need and offer what our customers are asking for!
Our target is to be the No. 1 intermodal service provider, quality-, service- and size-wise, on our focus market around the Baltic Sea Region, as we already are on the road tanker traffic”, Daniel ends confidently.

Additional information:
Daniel Hauffe, General Manager BU Haanpaa International, phone +31 631 67 44 47

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