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Haanpaa Group and Laukaan Rahtiautot Oy intensity their co-operation


​Haanpaa Group and Laukaan Rahtiautot Oy intensify their co-operation in liquid chemicals logistics market in Scandinavia to be able to serve the customer base even better.

Haanpaa has acquired the share capital of Laukaan Rahtiautot Oy. Operationally the companies will work tight together in order to try to minimize the empty legs in transport. The two companies will continue in the market as separate companies with their own strengths offering the clients different solutions.

Heikki Virtanen and the managing director Tiina Vainio will continue to work for Laukaan Rahtiautot Oy like before.

For further information:

Vesa Itkonen
Tel. +358 503 876 387

Heikki Virtanen
Tel.. +358 400 717 800

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