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speciality chemicals

A fleet of multi-compartment and single-compartment tanks allow Haanpaa to service customers from multiple points and optimize total cost efficiency for the customers. Haanpaa offers services in the Nordic market, and continental Europe, a complete logistics service provider with tailor-made solutions based on customer needs.

With the support of on-board computers you will be able to follow your products during the transportation to your customers; this creates added-value in the 3-way partnership. Haanpaa is the leading partner in liquid logistics for hazardous and non-hazardous chemical products in Northern Europe.

In our environmental strategies we have started to offer intermodal solutions to optimize the environmental and liquid logistics.Haanpaa

To learn more about Haanpaa liquid chemicals solution for Speciality Chemicals industry, please contact Haanpaa Sales team in different regions. 

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