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Intermodal Traffic

IntermodalAs a result of our work to optimize our environmental and logistic strategies we offer intermodal solutions, also known as combined transport. This offers the possibility of combined transports of liquids by truck, boat and train over long distances in a very efficient way. Also if you need to store your product for a shorter or longer period of time, a tank container can be your solution. 

The advantage with an intermodal service is that instead of having the tank mounted on a truck, it is mounted in a steal cradle with the same measures as a standard container. As this is a standard accepted all over the world, the container can be handled by cranes and transport systems where ever the destination. 

The liquid goods can also be transported long distances with less consideration for the driver´s working hours, prescribed by law. Since the container is not attached to a vehicle we can also use train and sea transportation for parts of the transportation. Even if this means a little more handling of the goods, there are substantial economical and environmental profits to be made.

If you engage Haanpaa for your liquid transports, you are sure to get the best combination of container- and road transports.                                               

For more information, please contact

Daniel Hauffe, road and intermodal traffic dedicated to the feed industry, phone +316 3167 4447




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