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Liquid Centers

liquid-center.gifAt our Liquid Centers we can help you store your liquid products. This can be useful for storing larger quantities, or if you for environmental and logistic reasons need storage facilites on another location than your own business.                     

At our Liquid Centers you can also be provided with refilling and repackaging your product, and we can also provide you with a blending service.

Some of our customers store their product in our Liquid Centers and then let us provide the further distribution service with Road Tankers or Intermodal Containers to their customers.

At present we have Liquid Centers in Hamina and Rauma, Finland and Gothenburg, Sweden.

To learn more about our Liquid Centers, please contact;

Christer Grahn, General Manager BU West, phone +46 4220 9220.


                Haanpaa Liquid Center, Gothenburg                                Haanpaa Liquid Center, Hamina

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