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The Haanpaa lubricants business is a well-oiled machinery.

We gladely set up our Tailor Made solutions to help our customers in the lubricants business to improve their supply chain efficiency. By offering and implemented the following solutions to our customers, they have made major total cost efficiency improvements: Lube Distribution Centre

  • Multimodal transportation from Continental Europe,
  • Consignment stock management with on-line stock monitoring,
  • On-site logistics and packaging,
  • Quality control sampling,
  • “Milk-run” distribution of lube oils and planning of distribution
  • Forwarding services and extensive e-reporting.

All the services are typically linked to Haanpaa electronic on-line service model and integrated to the in-house ERP utilizing EDI protocols with customers ERP system.

To learn more about Haanpaa solutions for the lubricants industry, please contact:

Christer Grahn, to lubricants, warehousing and distribution services, phone +46 4220 9220

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