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Road Tanker

Road tanker                              

Haanpaa Group has provided tank transport services for more than 50 years. It all started in Finland but has steadily grown and Haanpaa Group is now the leading liquid logistics company in Scandinavia, providing wide-spread logistics services in the field of liquid chemicals and other materials.
We have 400 vehicle combinations at your service.

We have tanks with one large tank, mono compartment, or multi compartment tanks with up to seven compartments. Each tank can transport up to 55.000 liters of liquids.

With our vast variety of tanks we can provide one-stop-transportations, also known as A-to-B-transports, which means that we fill the tank at one place and transport it to the agreed destination.Road Tanker
But we can also provide multi-stop solutions. With this we fill the tank at one place, or more, and then we distribute the contents at a number of destinations. This is for instance common in the petrol industry.

To meet the need of long distance transports, where it is not economicly or timemanagement wise most efficiant to exclusively use a Road Tanker solution, our possibility to combine the transport with an Intermodal Container is unbeatable.

Our main operative area is in the Scandinavian countries with Finland and the Baltic countries. But we serve our customers all over Europe, and also to destinations overseas.
Our traffic planners have responsibilities to conduct the transports all the way from filling to emptying. They are in constant contact with our trained and multi-language speaking drivers via telephone and on-board-computers to ensure that everything is going as planned. This means that we get instant knowledge if any delays should occur. This information is always passed on to you, the customer, for your further planning of the goods.

To learn more about Haanpaa Road Transport Transports, please contact:

Christer Grahn, to lubricants, warehousing and distribution services, phone +46 4220 9220
Juha Penttilä, road traffic in Finland, the Baltic countries and Russia, phone +358 207 548 147
Sven-Åke Sleth, to all international and Scandinavian road traffic, phone +46 4220 9222

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