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Service References

Haanpaa Group has decades of experíence and references from multiple industry area. Customers with highest global standards and demands are serviced in all regions. We have references from wide variety of solutions from effective and standardized transportation systems between chemical supplier and chemicals users to very extensive supply chain solutions with integrated IT&S solutions and outsourcing models.

Years of experience and learning from the best practises of liquid logistics community has given us confidence to tailor-made proven and secured solutions to wide variety of customers challenges. The library of proven modular solutions is growing evey day for the customers benefit.

To learn more about Haanpa customer references, please contact 

Christer Grahn, distribution services, phone +46 (0)42 20 92 20.
Daniel Hauffe, road and intermodal traffic between Sweden and destinations across Europe and Overseas, phone +46 (0)42 38 63 63
Jan Törner, chemical road transports in Scandinavia, phone +46 (0)42 20 92 23
Kenneth Martinsson, intermodal traffic to and from Sweden and Norway, phone +46 (0)31 352 01 50
Sven-Åke Sleth, lubricant distribution traffic and ware housing Gothenburg, phone +46 (0)42 20 92 22

Timo Yliuntinen, chemical road transports in Finland, the Baltic countries and Russia, and ware housing in Hamina, phone +358 207 548 133
Juha Penttilä, chemical road transports in Finland, phone +358 207 548 147

For email, please use

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